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Welcome to shutupWORK.


It is a training community for those that want to be more fit, to be healthier,


and for those that want to enjoy the ride.


It is for those that are done talking about being better,


for those that are ready to start working at being better.

shutupWORK programs are tailor made by experts.


They are designed by coaches and trainers who have decades of experience helping others become better.


They are professional guides who base their reputation on real results.

But shutupWORK isn’t just about the physical results,


Train smart.

Train hard.

Train with passion.


Fitness is more than just looking good,

Fitness is about the love of adventure.

The Coaches


Erin Blevins

“If you can’t love your body AND the food you eat, then what’s the point?”

Erin Blevins is the founder of shutupEAT and shutupWORK. Her humble beginning into food started in her youth as a reoccurring assistant to her highly decorated-chef father. She found a natural way to blend her love of outdoor sports, training, and bikini wearing with baking, cooking, and enjoying delicious meals – by mastering techniques related to training and nutrition. Her skill as a personal chef and nutritional ninja have been used at the highest level, including the transformation of actor, Henry Cavill into Superman for the wildly anticipated blockbuster: Justice League.

Her organic approach to coaching others into a positive self-image is through a special blend of hard physical training, intuitive tasty eating, and a wholesome love of adventure. Erin resides in Salt Lake City, Utah, where she works as a coach, chef, and self-proclaimed bikini enthusiast.


Josh Cook

Josh Cook is a performance coach. He has a BS in Exercise and Sport from the University of Utah, a CSCS and ISSA certification. After years of honing the craft of weightlifting and receiving an Advanced Weightlifting Coach certification from USAW, he set the Masters State record in the Snatch, Clean & Jerk, and total. Josh is a CrossFit Level-1 certified coach, and the head coach and director of programming at C2X CrossFit in Salt Lake City, Utah. Josh uses his extensive education in the field of CrossFit and weightlifting to help make the art of lifting weight less intimidating, more applicable to other sports, and to help create a “platform culture” – dedicated to spreading the love of the sport. Josh is able to program and coach on an individual basis, apply high level lifting programs to both endurance and conditioning programs, as well as dedicate remote programming that still considers individual limitations of strength.


Zach Butterfield

Zach has a BS from the University of Utah in Exercise Science, with a minor in nutrition. He holds coaching certifications from NASM as a Performance Enhancement Specialist and USA cycling as a level 3 cycling coach. Zach grew up wrestling through high school before he made his transition to cycling and triathlon, competing in anything from a sprint to a half ironman distance. Zach has experience working with a wide variety of populations through many different fitness domains including endurance training, strength and conditioning, weight loss, injury prevention, and wellness coaching. Currently Zach is participating in road cycling, mountain bike racing, running, using functional strength and conditioning to support them all, Zach loves the challenge and the adventure of pushing himself in remote races around the world, like Leadville 100 and the Ultimate cycling challenge, but enjoys equally the satisfaction in that first sip of beer after a hard event.

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Alex LaChance

Alex LaChance is a Former All American gymnast and scholarship athlete for the University of Arkansas (2005-2009). As a National Elite and Level 10 Gymnast she was a 5-time USA Gymnastics National Championship Competitor, and accumulated 5 State Championship gold medals, 10 Regional Championship gold medals, and 25 other Level 10 State, Regional, and National Championship medals.

She became a published fitness writer and model, with a M.S. in Exercise Science (University of Arkansas, 2012).

Alex went on to win the 2014 North Central CrossFit Regional, and qualified for the 2014 CrossFit Games in her rookie year competing as an Individual CrossFit Athlete.

She was a Professional GRID Athlete with the Phoenix Rise from 2014-2015, and then with the two-time League Champion DC Brawlers in 2016.

Alex is now a nationally ranked weightlifter placed 3rd at the 2018 USA Weightlifting National Championships in the 75kg division.

In addition to being a part of the ShutUpWORK team, she is a USA Weightlifting Certified Coach and a CrossFit Level 2 Coach, and offers gymnastics, crossfit, and weightlifting coaching online.


Your World.

Fit enough to explore it.

Fit enough to love it.